PS3 gains Naruto exclusive

I’ve never really watched more than a couple minutes of Naruto, but from what I’ve seen, there’s always a bunch of characters in a dojo or the woods and somebody is either getting beaten up, about to get beat up, or beating somebody up. Needless to say, Naruto is pretty popular and has a ton of videogames to quench fans thirst for handing out manga-style ass whoopings on their system of choice. And now the PS3 has a Naruto game to call its own — Atari is bringing NAMCO BANDAI’s Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm exclusively to the PS3.

The game allows players to go head to head as some of their favorite characters in the series in full 3D combat, and features a wide open world for players to explore. Players will be able use each of the various character’s jutsu attacks, perform acrobatic maneuvers, and run up walls as well as over water. You’ll be able to customize your character’s fighting style and even have the option to have two supporting characters help you out during battles. There are over 25 playable characters in the game and each fighter can use their own powerful Awakening forms at certain opportunities to tip the odds in their favor.

Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm features 100 missions and 2-player cooperative play (no word on online play yet) and is currently set for a November 2008 release. For now, have a glance at the first screens in the gallery.

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