First look at the new Prince of Persia

I loved all three of Ubisoft’s recent Prince of Persia games, not to mention the retro classics too, but there was always an inkling in my mind that the prince himself just wasn’t as bad ass as he should of been art direction wise. In the first game he was a bit too much of a whimp and when the whole rock n’ roll thing happened in the second game, I could do nothing but roll my eyes. When the third came around and the long hair was still in vogue, I just sort of gave up on the prince ever really being truly awesome looking. This is why the first video for the new Prince of Persia game has me so excited despite lacking any footage from the game. Watch and see.

It’s just a time lapse sketch and an awkward developer introducing it, but their new prince looks amazing and since the game is going to be in an animated style he will hopefully be looking that good while moving too. I’m very excited for the revamped art style and gameplay and if it comes out looking anything like Okami then I’ll buy it just to watch the prince stand around. The video really isn’t very much to go on, but with the promise of more videos coming out over the next few months I can’t help but get excited over it.

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