LittleBigPlanet looking a little bit fantastic

I can’t think of a game that has so many people head over heels with its charm as Media Molecule’s LittleBigPlanet. Every time a new trailer or gameplay video comes out I get a little tingly feeling deep down in my tummy and I start to giggle like a little school girl.

Silliness aside, this new trailer for the game that was shown at Sony’s PlayStation Day this Tuesday is not really anything new. We’re seeing the same formula in other videos: Quick shots of the flocky little fellows jumping around the kitsch and eclectic creations offered by the games toolset combined with its delightfully bouncy physics. However, this isn’t a bad thing by any means; in fact, it’s a testament to the games mantra of “Play, Create, Share”.

The creative freedom and connectivity given by Media Molecule means that gamers are free to roam out on the grass and do their own thing in a big way. What this game is offering is freedom from the overdramatizing of big titles and a truly populous and democratic experience for gamers. Perhaps in the future (here’s where I get prophetic), studios, rather than creating games, will simply develop the tools for gamers to do the creating themselves.

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