More Ninja Gaiden 2 screenshots than you can shake a stick at

Where does that phrase come from anyway? Who shakes sticks at things and at what point does the number of things outweigh said persons ability to shake a stick at them? I’d say it’s somewhere around the number of new screenshots (over 40) Team NINJA put out for Ninja Gaiden 2 today. Not much new to see here except some better shots of the werewolves in the game as they get sliced and diced.

If you don’t have time to look through all these fantastic screens I can sum it up for you in just a few simple words. Blood, ninja, sword, blood. Oh, and awesomely hard gameplay. How can I tell that last part from just screens? Well, you caught me, I was just making an assumption. I know, I know. When you assume it makes an ass of you and me but I think in this case I’m going to be right.

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