Stroyant green is made of people! PEOPLE!

OK, Activision and id don’t get too much originality credit for naming Stroyant, the Strogg’s health and ammo filling substance that is made from humans, since it sounds a little bit too much like a certain other food substance made out of people. They do, however, get credit for being funny people. They just launched a pretty hilarious new site promoting Stroyant and all the wonderful effects it has on the Strogg. What effects you ask? Well, according to the site it will completely and totally rid any Strogg of PD (Projectile Dysfunction) and make killing humans all the easier. But wait, there’s more. It appears that some time in the future, say May 28, when the game comes out, you yourself can apply to become Stroyant. What better way to get your revenge on humanity than to be turned into ammo for humanity’s worst enemy. Brilliant!

If you’re interested in Enemy Territory or just a fan of Quake in general you should check the site out for a good laugh. The fake commercials, which you can watch above and below, are funny and the best part, IMHO, is the Stroyant jingle, which will be my ring tone for at least the next few minutes before I get distracted by something else shiny and fun. I’ve got to give it to the ad guys over at Activision, fake advertising for gelatinous goo made out of humans is probably some of the best viral advertising I’ve run into for a while.