Activision drops Call of Duty 5 snippets

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare may have taken a backseat to GTA4 for a moment as far as online play is concerned, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t continue to bleed awesomeness. Since its release in November of 2007, CoD4 has sold well over seven million copies worldwide and the well told story, which resonated with most people in the world these days, was a welcome change from the oversaturated WWII shooter genre.

Even though a dedicated person could get through the single player campaign in a single day, it’s CoD4’s multiplayer that boosted the game to stardom. And with the success the franchise has had, it’s no surprise that a follow-up will be coming out in due time. There are very few details out there about CoD5 at the moment, but in a recent chat with analysts and investors, Activision’s CEO Mike Griffith gave a few more.

Griffith said that CoD5 would be available on PS2, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, DS, and PC. That pretty much covers every platform but the PSP. Why this is, is anyone’s guess. Griffith also pointed out that CoD5 will be using the same game engine that was used in CoD4. As for the game’s setting, “We’ll bring the intensity of the recent Call of Duty: Modern Warfare title to a new military theater to engage our significantly larger user base which nearly doubled last year as new users came into the franchise.”

Whether the “new military theater” in the next game is set in modern times or back in the WWII era as recently rumored is yet unknown. CoD4’s time period no doubt played no small role in the growth of the franchise’s user base, which leaves me cauciously optimistic that Activision wouldn’t want to lose all these newly-found users by sending them back to the often frequented ditches of WWII.