Marvel Super Hero Squad license nabbed by THQ

Who doesn’t love super-deformed, happy versions of Marvel’s most famous superheroes? The very popular line of action figures by Hasbro known as the Super Hero Squad is now going to try its hand in the gaming universe — a deal between THQ and Marvel gives the developer/publisher exclusive rights to publish games for all “current and next generation systems” as well as PC and handheld platforms. It’s a pretty good way to not only get younger audiences into the Marvel universe, but it also gives more mature gamers a more casual look into the drama filled world of Marvel comics.

It’s not too bad for expanding knowledge of the brand’s name either, at least according to Simon Phillips, president of Marvel International and head of worldwide animation and videogames, “The platform is an incredibly powerful medium that enables kids to experience the excitement of our franchises, as well as extend our characters and story lines. With THQ, we are confident we have a partner with a best in class pedigree of building and extending licensed kid-friendly brands in the interactive space.”

THQ has a real opportunity to attack the casual gaming market with this brand. Kids between the ages of 4-10 are the key demographic to adhere to and the Nintendo DS and Wii platforms are ripe for this kind of thing. Perhaps we could see an iteration similar to the Backyard Sports games with Iceman pitching to baby Magneto, with the Hulk as the catcher obviously. I’d play it just for the hilarity that could ensue.

Whatever the actual content of the game will be, we can expect to see a release during fall of next year. A comic book series and animated television show starring the Marvel Super Hero Squad will be coming out soon as well.