TimeShift DLC wants to predict the future of online play

TimeShift is one of those games that received adequately favorable reviews from many outlets, but was not considered to be on the same tier as other first-person shooters like CoD4 or Halo 3. One of the things that set it back was its virtual lack of a compelling story and linearity, with the saving grace of the title being the unique ability to manipulate time which the entire game was build around.

Your character’s Beta suit allowed you to slow, pause, rewind, and fast-forward time at your discretion (somehow stopping time and shotgunning a guy in the face just never gets old). If you managed to stick it out through the single-player campaign, you may have decided to take a crack at TimeShift’s multiplayer option as well. It was nice to see that Sierra decided to implement the time-altering abilities into online play. Granted, freezing time against real opponents sounds cheap on the surface, but the time-shifting grenades that create a sort of time bubble helped to balance things out a bit. The option to determine the level of gravity you would be playing in also brought out a different challenge we don’t normally see.

Almost seven months after TimeShift’s release on the Xbox 360, Sierra has launched the Futures-Past Multiplayer Map Pack on Xbox LIVE, free of charge. The DLC has five new maps to choose from that will support your everyday game modes (One-on-One, Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch) and also TimeShift’s own King of Time and Meltdown Madness. King of Time has you fighting for an item that makes you resistant to time attacks, and Meltdown Madness is an attack/defend mode where you have to throw chrono grenades at the enemy’s machine to disable it and claim victory. Sierra believes these unique game modes “reveal the future of multiplayer fragging.”

TimeShift was also released on the PS3 last November, but as of right now there’s no word on whether Sierra will spread the DLC love over to Sony’s system.