Activision giving DS love with Guitar Hero: On Tour bundle and exclusive Tony Hawk game

Looking to cash in on all things Guitar Hero related, Activision has announced plans to bring a Guitar Hero: On Tour bundle to the Nintendo DS. During a recent conference call (that also brought some Call of Duty 5 related news), Activision CEO Mike Griffith released the news, “Nintendo has been impressed with this innovation and part of our launch will include selling the game bundled with Nintendo DS hardware.”

The big announcements didn’t stop there though as he also announced a new Tony Hawk game which will be exclusive to the DS and utilizes “new technology not yet seen on the DS.” Naturally, he failed to elaborate on those words.

One thing’s for sure – all Activision needs to do now is release Guitar Hero: Money in the Bank for the PSP and they’ll have the franchise covered on all consoles, handhelds, and mobile phones.

Guitar Hero: On Tour launches in June for the Nintendo DS, no word yet on Tony Hawk.