Activision presents Pitfall: The Big Adventure, crocodiles in pits rejoice

Activision has announced that they are jumping on board the whole retro revival trend with a brand new Pitfall title for the Wii. Or they’d like you to think that since the press release for Pitfall: The Big Adventre has nary a mention of any Pitfall game since the original. The game is in development by Edge of Reality and will be heading to game shelves this fall.

In case you’ve never played Pitfall, the game is an action puzzler in which you guide Pitfall Harry through levels replete with traps and dangers. Of course this time you’ll be swinging over those alligator infested pits with the help of your trusty Wii remote.

The game will feature over 60 levels of jungle survival and is being designed from the ground up to best utilize the Wii’s controls. We don’t have much information on the gameplay but as you can see from the screenshots, the look bears a strong resemblance to 2004’s Pitfall: The Lost Expedition which was also developed by Edge of Reality. Not sure why Dave Oxford at Activision Publishing calls Pitfall Harry “retro-cool” in the press release when the screens clearly show that he’s “child-friendly modern” but I suppose you gotta try to grab those hardcore gamers anyway you can.

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