Pokemon running out of precious metals

Another day, another Pokemon game, or so it seems. The latest issue of the popular Japanese manga magazine Coro Coro is reporting that the next Pokemon game for the Nintendo DS is in the works and that it’s name will be Pokemon Platinum.

The new game will presumably be to Diamond and Pearl what Yellow was to Red and Blue (or green, depending on where you’re from). The game is rumored for a September release in Japan with the rest of the world presumably seeing it in 2009.

As of yet, no official word has come out of Nintendo. Whether Coro Coro has let something slip early, got it lost in translation or are just plain telling porkies is unknown. However, Game Freak makes no secret of the fact it has its formula for this franchise set in stone, there’s no real reason why they would want to deviate from that method of factory pressing games now.