Web browsing MMO ready for action

Games take up a lot of time these days. It can be difficult for a person working full time to dedicate 30+ hours into completing a title. But whether or not we like it, we cannot control our inner gamer, and with that in mind, GameLayers has created and launched what is called the first Passively Multiplayer Online Game.

Basically, the game is played simply by surfing the net. There’s no need to purchase anything — all you need is the Firefox browser and the required extension. Once you get up and running, you can start leaving traps or treasures on any site on the web.

Over the past couple months, players involved in the beta have successfully created over 3,300 different quests, and as you start completing these yourself, you’ll level up and even be able to earn badges, which can be looked at as sort of being achievements.

GameLayers co-founder and CEO Justin Hall: “Ideally we want to constantly play games but we don’t have time. A passive game is something we can play all the time, without having to pay too much attention. Plus all the data of the internet represents a fabulous play field.” Sounds interesting? Off you go then.