Guitar Hero 4 to feature custom tracks?

It’s fair to say that Rock Band has given Guitar Hero a serious run for their money. It leads the way when it comes to music-based party games because it gives everyone the ability to be a part of a band — you can create your own character, choose their particular rock attitude, and party all night. Guitar Hero shouldn’t be pushed aside by any means though as it did bring the whole instrument peripheral gameplay to the masses in the first place. Even so, it is clear that a change in style is needed in order for Guitar Hero to bring out the maximum number of fans with future installments.

Activision has revealed that the next true sequel in the Guitar Hero franchise will introduce new instruments. A preview of Guitar Hero 4 in the latest issue of GameInformer has now shed some light on that and revealed that GH4 will introduce drums, bass, and vocals.

The preview also reveals a new gameplay element. Apparently, Guitar Hero 4 will feature custom made tracks. Players will be able to create tracks, name them, create cover art, and upload it all online for others to enjoy. Due to legal issues and hard drive space — and maybe even word recognition? — the user-created tracks will be instrumentals only.

It will certainly be intriguing to see how the whole process will go down. Will buttons near the head of the guitar be used for chords while the frets closer to the body are reserved for riffs and solos? It would have to be very in depth to ensure people don’t create the same basic sounding song over and over. Red Octane has apparently designed a new guitar for all this, so we’ll have to wait patiently until they choose unveil it and let perhaps reveal more official details on the whole feature.