Metal Gear Solid 4 goes gold (now with product placement!)

According to an announcement given by Konami at a press conference in Japan today, development on Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots has concluded and the game is ready to be wrapped in plastic and thrown on store shelves across the globe.

At the event, before the mandatory press showcasing of the game, Konami’s president Fumiaki Tanaka spoke a few words about the current rise of casual games: “In recent years, casual games have become extremely popular. With the rise of new consumers, the [game industry] is expanding into new directions. While it’s said that the current mainstream is casual games, we took the challenge to make a blockbuster title, Metal Gear Solid 4, headed by Kojima.”

Without giving away any details, Tanaka also spoke about how the PS3 still has a lot of untapped potential and assured the audience that Konami will continue to work with the PS3 to bring forth more blockbuster titles after the Metal Gear series is concluded. After successfully warming up the audience, MGS creator Hideo Kojima spoke about the many challenges that he and his team had to go through to develop for the PS3, including working with the Cell processor, creating HD quality graphics and sound, and releasing the game throughout the world at the same time.

A number of ‘product collaborations’ that players will encounter were also revealed. A perk in the game has Solid Snake carrying around an iPod — throughout the course of the game, Snake can find various tracks that can be used to change the background music to the players content. In addition to this feature, downloadable tracks will be available to purchase in the future. Sony Ericsson’s W62S cell phone will be seen in the game along with Triumph Motorcycles. And Japanese energy drink Regain will be an item that gives Snake a much needed boost as you progress through the game. The fun doesn’t stop there though. Clothing inspired from the game will be sold in Uniqlo shops and the Ga-ko in-game alarm clock will also be available to purchase.

MGS4 is sporting all kinds of in-game and out-game advertising, but gamers haven’t looked to kindly on being marketed to while playing in the past. Is it time for another rebellion, or will we just not care because Metal Gear Solid 4 is going to be that darn good?