Date with a Velvet Assasin

Indie publishers Gamecock have today announced that their upcoming WWII stealth action game, Sabotage Velvet Assassin , will be coming to the Xbox 360 and PC’s this fall.

Sascha Jungnickel, Creative Director at the game’s developers Replay Studios said: “This is a project we’ve been incredibly excited about from the start. Velvet Assassin is going to be an amazing experience both in its visual style and gameplay, it will be awesome to get it to such a massive audience.”

In Velvet Assassin, players will assume the role of British secret agent and all round femme fatale Violette Summer, based on real-life spy Violette Szabo, as she risks her life fighting to defeat the German war machine one stealth mission at a time. The game combines lush, surreal visuals and a stealth combat system in attempt to realize what may be a refreshing first to the stagnant WWII genre.

Three new screenhots were also released today, which show that the game has got a little visual bump since we last saw it as well.

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