CliffyB dishes about Gears of Wars 2

Gears of War 2 is the next best thing since, well, Gears of War, and as most of you have already heard, is going to be “bigger, better, and far more badass” then its predecessor. But how exactly is it going to be bigger, better and more badass? Well, at Microsoft’s spring showcase, Cliff Bleszinski, lead designer at Epic Games had a chance to talk with GameTrailers and dish about Gears 2.

One of the things Gears of War was most noted for was its multiplayer that featured fast paced and visceral 4-on-4 combat. So it comes as little surprise that details focusing on the multiplayer are highly sought after. And it seems Gears 2 will not disappoint. CliffyB, keeping up with his bigger, better, and more badass theme, shared with GT that the Gears 2 multiplayer will now feature 5-on-5 matches, with more multiplayer maps and game modes then the first Gears, as well as new online functionality that, while no details were shared, CliffyB assures us “will be very competitive with other titles in this space.”

Both the single- and multiplayer modes will feature chainsaw duels that will be executed by simply rapidly pressing the B button. The duels will take no longer then chainsawing from the first game, but will end with the same result; either you or your foe getting cut to pieces. Another fan favorite execution that is returning is the curb stomp, along with several new abilities including using an enemy as a “meat shield” where you hold him in front of you as he literally acts as a bullet repository until he is eventually torn to shreds.

CliffyB then went on to talk about the vehicle sections in Gears 2, which among others include an opportunity to drive the Centaur, a cross between a tank and a monster truck that we can only assume packs quite the punch. CliffyB also said that Gears 2 will be a longer, deeper, and a darker game with “buckets and buckets of blood.”

Like you need reminding, Gears of Wars 2 will ship this November exclusively for the Xbox 360.

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