Famitsu brings us new Resident Evil 5 screens

Fresh from Japan and some person’s scanner, we get brand new screenshots (hi-res: 1 2 3 4) of Resident Evil 5 that look just as amazing as what we’ve previously seen from the game. Other than that bad ass chainsaw, which I hope will be a usable weapon with all my heart, the screens and article don’t tell us much new. The story reemphasizes the fact that sunlight and shade will play a big part in the game and that levels will have you running in and out of houses frequently, thus changing the lighting and the way you’ll need to play the game. The guys behind the game say this light/shadow dichotomy is the motif for the entire game.

The article also reveals that despite the game taking place far away from any previous Resident Evil locations, we will be seeing the return of some big, bad bosses from past games. The example given in the story is evidently Nosferatu from RE: Code Veronica. Not my favorite RE boss but still a good one and it’ll be interesting to battle him without moving like a tank. Also, and I believe we already knew this, but three weapons are confirmed for the game: hand gun, sniper rifle and knife. We can also expect a new trailer in the near future.

Now, in order to drive up traffic, I’ll mention something about race: some of the zombies are black.

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