MySims Kingdom coming to Wii, DS

Since its release in September of 2007, MySims for the Wii, in typical Sims fashion, has sold more than 2.8 million copies worldwide. Now Sims is set to deliver two times the cuteness with MySims Kingdom, which EA is bringing exclusively to the Wii and the DS.

With MySims now being its own franchise in the Sims label, the creators have pushed the envelope further with a story of “adventure, discovery and exploration.” Not only do you get customize everything you build to put your own spin on the world, now you are charged with helping revitalizing an entire kingdom.

The Kingdom experience starts in the Castle of The Capital where you meet up with your first set of friends ā€” King Roland, Princess Butter, and the Wizard Marlon. As the game progresses you will meet new friends and gain access to new challenges like raising pigs or finding treasure. New building options allow you to progress like fixing a broken bridge to move to a new area. Eventually players will set sail in their own ship to explore even more lands beyond The Capital.

The DS version will allow players to continue the journey with a new chapter. Here you will be challenged to help King Roland thwart the plans of an evil rising up from a far flung corner of the Kingdom. New activities and mini-games like kayaking, ski jumping and populating the town zoo will help convince the King that your island is the ultimate royal destination.

Have your imagination and cute tolerance ready. MySims Kingdom is expected to hit the shelves worldwide this fall.

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