Steal this game / Perfect Dark (N64)

“Steal this game” is a little column about classics that many of us have played before, or if not, should play even this day and age. Blasts from the past, if you will. Check out your old favorites and build up that vintage game collection.

Debuting in May of 2000, Perfect Dark for the Nintendo 64 was an instant classic. Running on an enhanced version of the Goldeneye engine, Perfect Dark was nothing less then extraordinary. With original weapons, amazing multiplayer with a variety of bots, this game is still fun to play with a group of friends on a Saturday night. Playing the 17 missions solo or co-op is great; even matching your skills against intelligent AI in multiplayer can be a time consuming event. Rareware did an amazing job by giving gamers exactly what they wanted such as customization of any aspect of multiplayer, training levels, and full character and statistic rankings. Perfect Dark will always be thought of when great classic games are mentioned.

Why this should be in your collection

  • Great campaign mode to play alone or with a friend
  • Extremely deep multiplayer for hours of fun
  • Four different level difficulties, all with different objectives

Difficulty to find- 1/5

This game can be found quite easily on sites such as Ebay and Prices range from less than a dollar for a used copy up to $25 for an in-the-box copy. If you still own a Nintendo 64 and don’t have this game, you should really think about investing in this timeless classic.