Too Human demo “critical for the game”

With its questionably lengthy development time, Silicon Knights’s ambitious action RPG Too Human has left many gamers cautious as to whether or not the game will actually deliver on all the things it’s been promising for many years now. And it seems Silicon Knights fully realizes that — while speaking to Eurogamer, president Denis Dyack has confirmed that gamers will be getting a sampling of the game, saying that releasing a demo is critical for the game.

“We haven’t announced a date yet. Our goal is to try to get it out obviously before the game releases, and we’ll announce the specific timing of that shortly,” Dyack said. “But a demo is absolutely planned. We think it’s critical for the game. If things go as planned, gamers should get a demo well in advance before the game’s released.”

Dyack didn’t go into specifics but said they will probably focus on including the first level of the game in the demo, and once again emphasized the ‘you have to see it to understand it’ attitude that Silicon Knights have sported for a while now, “We really want people to focus on the gameplay, because the fusion between RPG and action is something really new. You can’t really tell what the game’s like till you sit down and play.”

Too Human has been given a August 19 release date, meaning Silicon Knights has a cool three month window to deliver the demo. In the meanwhile, if you haven’t noticed yet, we’ve added over one hundred new screenshots of the game to the gallery today which should occupy at least some of that waiting time.

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