Third annual London Games Festival announced

The dates for the 3rd annual London Games Festival have just been announced. This year, the week-long festival will begin on October 25, promising many events that should appeal to everyone from casual to hardcore gamers, as well as anyone looking to get a glimpse at some upcoming titles. Details are non-existent at the moment but if last year’s event is anything to go by then it’s going to be pretty huge.

In 2007, over a hundred thousand people got to take part in such diverse attractions as the Royal Philharmonia Orchestra playing some game tunes (Mario, MGS, Halo, BioShock), a celebrity-packed EA-sponsored ‘Be The One’ event that lasted two days, and a packed out Trafalgar Square, and there were even events in the Science Museum.

Organizer Keith Ramsdale said they have plenty in store and have a whole host of major partners lined up with full support from the industry, “Last year’s London Games Festival was a huge success and we were thrilled with the feedback from many of those who attended and the publishers who took part,” Ramsdale said. “We’re really looking forward to bringing the gaming industry to life in the capital again.”