Beyond Good & Evil might go beyond first game

Recently rumors have been buzzing that a sequel to Beyond Good & Evil was in the works. I, being pessimistic and grumpy, did not believe them, but I was wrong. In a recent interview with JuexVideo Magazine Michael Ancel, the creator of the original Beyond Good & Evil and Rayman, revealed that Beyond Good & Evil 2 is indeed in development at a preproduction stage and all Ancel and the dozen other people working on the project are looking for is the green light from Ubisoft. Unfortunately, getting that green light might be challenging as the original game didn’t sell so well despite being one of the best games to come out in 2003.

Ancel says in the interview that the game has been in preproduction for the past year with small teams working on research and development. The game is going to feature many of the aspects that made the original so good, like the combat system and the photography, and will be following the continuity that was set up in the first one. This time the story will involve the entire world and will feature a “large variety of stages of play, lots of emotion in the gameplay and characters you can get attached to.”

If you haven’t played Beyond Good & Evil then this is a fantastic excuse to buy it cheap and play through it. You won’t regret it and you’ll realize why the possibility of this sequel ever seeing the light of day is oh-so-incredibly exciting.