Updated / First details on Wii’s MADWORLD

Update: Trailer now officially released, embedded below.

Chainsaws cutting through people. Geysers of blood. Impalement. Sin City. So far, this seems to sum up the gist of MADWORLD and, believe it or not, it’s a Wii game. By now you’ve probably seen the leaked trailer for the game which has been ripped off the Internet by SEGA’s leagal team(although not entirely), but we just received a press release from SEGA that has the first details on the game. Plus IGN has even more details from an interview they did with four of the members of Platinum Studio, the studio behind the game, at a recent SEGA press event. You may not have heard of Platinum Studios, which is led by ex-Capcom and ex-Clover team members, yet if MADWORLD is any indication you will be hearing about them a lot more because it’s going to be impossible to ignore their games.

Enough about that though, what you want to know is why an entirely monochrome man is ripping a person in half with his chainsaw arm or hurling enemies into walls of spikes. Well we aren’t entirely sure about that as the game’s developers are keeping the storyline close to the chest. From what IGN can glean, the bulky protagonist’s name is Jack and he’s in a sort of situation where he’s going to be killing people under the watch of an entity called the Death Watch. What this seems to mean is that there are rules and rewards for the death of people, not to mention entertaining color commentary running over your mass murdering. The developers relate the killing spree to a game of baseball. In short, think Running Man.

What we can be entirely sure about is that the instances of violence and mayhem seen in the trailer barely scratch the surface of the over-the-top violence that will be seen in MADWORLD. The demo that was shown to the press at the event involved a man getting his heart ripped out and crushed, a sign post being jammed into a persons eye socket and a mini-game called Man Darts which is exactly what it sounds like.

Project lead Shigenori Nishikawa said the insane amount of violence helps fill one of two concepts that make up MADWORLD, “The first key concept within Mad World is the stark black and white graphics. This is to further emphasize the violence, as represented by the stark red blood. The other key concept is that we didn’t want to create a game that was depraved or perverse, but rather, featured comical, over-the-top violence so that anyone could enjoy it.”

Controls-wise, the game will play with the Wii remote and Nunchuk. Jack is controlled via the Nunchuk’s joystick and attacks will be done through waggle. IGN says that it appears that the B trigger launches you into attack sequences when you get near an opponent and from there a sequence of waggle controls and button presses lets you perform the moves. Sounds combo-rific, if you ask me. The Wii’s IR won’t be used at all says the developers, as they don’t want it to be necessary to pinpoint movements on the screen in order to attack. They want the violence and gameplay to be fun and quick, making for a rare brawler on the Wii. Also of note is the fact hat projectile weapons probably won’t be playing a major part in the gameplay as they aren’t as visceral as melee weapons.

There isn’t much left to say other than this game looks like not only a truly groundbreaking Wii game, but a groundbreaking videogame in general. With both a tongue in cheek attitude about violence and its starkly contrasting color scheme (black, white and blood red) this looks like it will be a game like nothing we’ve seen before. And since the developers behind it also did Viewtiful Joe and Okami, we know they’re perfectly capable of delivering. Get ready for a long wait as MADWORLD doesn’t release until the first quarter of 2009. I’m guessing it will come with a mature rating.

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