Upcoming Warhawk tournament dishes out incentives

Dylan Jobe posted information on the PlayStation Blog about a Warhawk team tournament that will officially kick off on May 27. Going up against people around the globe and absolutely destroying them is enough fun in its own right, but this particular Warhawk competition offers more than just international bragging rights.

Everyone that registers and competes in the tournament will receive the GGL Ceremonial Knife that will replace the original combat knife. It doesn’t add any extra damage, but it’s an unmistakable relic that makes people say, “Where in the world did you get that?” The winners of the tournament will get the Champion’s Blade which is like a half sword, half knife weapon that bleeds gothic influences. The winners will also receive six-inch Warhawk statues that you can place next to your console for that added ego boost when you need it.

You can grab members of your clan and get in some practice right now. The tournament is running a practice ladder that allows you to challenge and compete against opponents until the official ladder starts. At the end of June, the top 32 teams will go head to head in the single-elimination bracket until the champions are crowned. Unfortunately the tournament is open to U.S. players only.

Warhawk is an extremely strategic game so it won’t be easy to win this tourney. But hey, it’s could be worth it getting that complementary Ceremonial Knife. Get your practice in now for in a couple weeks, the real fun begins.

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