Dragon Ball Z fans get a little extra with their Gamestop purchase

If you’re a fan of the Dragon Ball Z series and were hotly anticipating the newest game in the series, you might want to consider where you’ll be purchasing said game. You see, when you buy the exclusive special edition of Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit for either the Xbox 360 or the PS3, you’ll receive an added bonus. Xbox 360 gamers will be treated to the first 7 episodes of the Dragon Ball Z animated series, while PS3 owners will enjoy the special Blu-ray edition of DBZ: Dead Zone feature. And to guide you towards reserving your copy from Gamestop early on, there’s a Burst Limit T-shirt in it for you as well should you wish to pre-order.

Burst Limit has already been making a few waves with its visuals, which are by far the best of the series to date, but there are a couple of other aspects of the title that may turn some heads. For starters, the game has an amazingly fast-paced style that may surprise alot of fighting game fans. Burst Limit is most certainly the most free flowing and smooth of all the DBZ games to date. Another unique feature is that in any given fight you can knock your foe so far into the air that you can actually continue the fight in an pseudo-airborne state. So, think Powerstone 2 but with a next gen make-over and DBZ flair. Ok, I’ll bite.

Atari have released a ~480MB demo on both Xbox LIVE a PSN if you feel the anime fighting urge coming on. The full game is set to release June 5th in Japan, 6th in Europe and 4 days later, on the 10th, for the US. Keep it locked here for an upcoming review and everything you need to know to keep your Dragon Ball demons at bay. And oh, KAMEHAMEHA!

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