Hasbro Family Game Night for Wii…seriously?

As April sales show, Wii is dominating in hardware sales; but, as almost any gaming forum will show you, it’s still being hounded about a lack of great third party titles. Example: EA’s Casual Entertainment Label has just announced Hasbro Family Game Night which will help us all enjoy Battleship, Yahtzee, Boggle, Connect Four, and Sorry! “from the comfort of your own living room.”

Really, doesn’t at least half the world have these games already? I know I do. Mine are crammed in the closet behind my Jr. Karate trophy and my old SNES collecting dust. As a family man, I do see the appeal to casual games and games that bring the family together, but we could just dust these relics off sometime, right?

Ok, I admit that I am being a little harsh. Likely this game (also coming to the PlayStation 2) will be very cheap and these are classic games. Plus, EA has tried to add more to the party — the game is hosted by Mr. Potato Head! They also threw in some new game modes like Connect Four Power Chips, Boggle Portal Cubes, Reverse Yahtzee and Battleship Barrage as well as new mini-games like Match the Pattern, Shake for Words and Bomb Run. Players can even decorate their own digital game room with trophies and furniture.

Hasbro Family Game Night is being developed as part of a licensing agreement between EA and Hasbro that lets them make games and toys of each others products. Hasbro Family Game Night is just one of the first official games. We can expect to see more titles like Nerf, Tonka and Monopoly.

If you’re really into classic board games, Hasbro Family Fun Night will be there for your needs this fall. For the rest of us, be thankful Wii has much more to offer — MADWORLD anyone?