Rumor mill: XMB trophies on June 12

The guys down at ye old rumour mill have been hard at work. This time they’ve churned out apparent “insider” information regarding Sony’s upcoming clone of Xbox 360’s Acheivements – “Trophies”. The news comes from the relatively obscure blog sev1512, who claim to have a contact inside Sony. The employee (who is so top secret not even their gender can be revealed) contacted sev1512 and informed them (as all good informants should) that the elusive trophies would be appearing on June 12th. Yes, that is the very same day that Metal Gear Solid 4 goes to retail.

This of course is just latest in a long line release date of rumors regarding the PSN, followed closely by HOME and In-Game XMB, so there is little way of knowing whether this particular tidbit of information is bona-fide or whether this is one blogs attempt to push itself into the limelight with its supposed “contacts”. Only time will tell.