BioShock on PS3? Maybe…

One of those games that made the Xbox 360 really worth owning last year was BioShock. Imagine then the shock and awe of PlayStation 3 owners everywhere when news surfaced that this trophy title would be coming to Sony’s console as well. The news originally came from eCanadaNow who reported that, according to indications from a number of sources as well as the latest issue of EGM, Big Daddy would indeed be thumping its way to the PS3 this September. Along with this shocker came the news that the PS3 version would come with the all the previously released downloadable content, and would also bring with it visual improvements.

However, it was all a ruse, or so claims Thebitbag — after contacting 2K, the company responded in true style by saying that they would not comment on rumor and speculation and that no official announcements have been made. Thebitbag interpreted that party line as a firm ‘no’, while we really don’t know anything more than before. So, for the time being, the whole ‘BioShock coming to PS3′ ordeal will have to remain in the little old town of rumorville.