Weekend news is always lacking, so lets talk about breasts

At some point in time that no one can truly pinpoint (*ahem* DOA‘s release *ahem*), having large bouncing breasts in fighting games became just as important as, well, the fighting itself. This is why it is so terribly shocking to hear news that there is controversy in the world of fighting game’s breasts. If you take a look at the image above you’ll notice that the two pictures of Ivy from Soul Calibur IV are a bit different in a certain area. I’ll give you a hint — if you’re a guy, you’re already looking at it.

That’s right, one has less breasticles (now a word) than the other. It seems that the SC IV American website has a different take on how much skin Ivy should be showing than the Japanese site does. Does this mean that American gamers will be getting less bouncy breast physics in their version of the game? If you watch the trailer playing in the background of Ivy’s page on the U.S. site then the answer is no, because she’s clearly wearing the Japanese sites’ costume there. But this could just be the Japanese build playing so how can we truly know? If I had to wager a guess I’d say they just covered them up for the site and the game will be far more revealing, but only time and the thousand anguished cries of horny American male gamers will tell.

What? Fine, I just wanted an excuse to type the word breasticles…

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