Castle Crashers complete… crazy cool!

As many of you probably already know, I’ve been looking forward to a little game known as Castle Crashers for years now. Ever since it was announced at ComicCon 2006, every new bit of info regarding the title gets me all giddy with anticipation. A few months back, developer The Behemoth gave us a window into their world with their development blog. The blog has been giving updates on the game’s progress as well as teasing us with bits and pieces of the game’s characters and weapons.

Now, if you’re still with me on how cool this game is going to be when it eventually lands, you’re about to get a very exciting bit of news — it’s done. That’s right, the game has finally been completed, and main-man Dan Paladin seems mighty pleased, “I feel really great about how the final product has come out after playing through a few times last night. I’m very proud of what our team was able to accomplish. This game is undoubtedly the largest 360 XBLA game that has any kind of story; Large in scope, takes hours and hours to go through with your buddies. Lots of little treasures and secrets hiding around the levels, many unlockable characters all with a different feel, and lastly, no real weak spots in the game that I can foresee haunting me for the rest of my life.”

Bah! Still no solid release date, but at least we know the game is done. This announcement has gotten me all riled up for some 4-player cooperative hack’n’slash gameplay so I beg the powers that be to make the certification process go smoothly. I need me some Castle Crashers!

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