The Protector shows that former lovers can still work together

A brand new Polish game developer going by the name of Gingerbread Studios has announced The Protector, a brand spanking new FPS original property to be released for the Xbox 360 and PC. The game puts you in the shoes of a former couple who is tasked with stopping a group of terrorists that have found a way to harness an ancient Aztec weapon and plan to use it for nefarious means.

The Protector‘s main characters Jonathan, a British mercenary, and Jennifer, a U.S. archaeologist, will use their various skills to either sneak their way around the terrorists’ defenses or just blow through them with an armada of different weapons. On top of the normal cast of dark-clothed bad guys running straight into your line of fire, you can also expect to see a number of terrifying Aztec creatures that have been torn right from ancient legends.

The title is Gingerbread Studio’s first game, and they are so new in the industry that they don’t even have their own website set up yet. That is unless this site is a poor attempt at a viral marketing scheme. Regardless of that, the game still shows alot of promise and while first-person shooters are nothing new these days, the team does seem to have some interesting ideas on how to break up the monotony of running and gunning.

The Protector has no release date as of yet, however, while the visuals the first screenshots show could (and probably will) be improved, the premise that sounds an awful like Uncharted meets Mr. and Mrs. Smith sounds promising enough to keep an eye on this one, so keep it locked here for further details.

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