Resistance 2 facts on a sheet

Sony seems to be in a rather generous mood lately and in keeping with their newfound openness, they have seen fit to release a plethora of info regarding their upcoming Resistance sequel. The original Resistance was THE game to own on the launch of the PS3, and is still one of the most solid and well-rounded titles on the system. Given that fact, Resistance 2 clearly has some pretty large shoes to fill. But if the recently released fact sheet that details and confirms several things about the title is any indication, we really don’t have anything to worry about.

As expected, the game will take place directly after the events of the first game and will follow the path of Nathan Hale as he fights to prevent the Chimera from gaining world dominance. Hale will be taking the fight to the shores of America and the player will get to experience a number of difference settings in which to battle. This time, however, Hale will be fighting alongside a group of soldiers that can truly hold their own. The “Sentinels” are a faction of highly-trained badasses that promise to be more of a help than the cannon-fodder Hale was reinforced with in the original game.

Anyone who completed the first game knows that Hale will have more to deal with than just the Chimera’s weapons as he himself was infected with the virus during a battle in which he was overtaken. Hale will need to keep his inner demons at bay if he has any chance to thwart the advances of the enemy, which will surely keep a sense of suspense that was native to the first title. Another thing the first title was known for was the fact that it was the best example of the PS3’s multiplayer capabilities for months. Resistance 2 will not disappoint as 60-player matches are now the standard. These battles will be handled a bit differently than in the original as you are now tasked with supporting your squad on various objectives embedded within the deathmatch experience.

So if you had any worries about the progress of Resistance 2 I would hope that update will be enough to relax you until the game’s projected fall 2008 release date.

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