Clank getting his secret agent thing on this summer

There may be a new 007 game coming this year, but Secret Agent Clank for the PSP brings an extra dose of everything super spy-ness — there will be mysterious women, crazy chase scenes, cool gadgets, stealth moves, fighting and plenty of explosions.

The Ratchet and Clank series has great action, but it is also known for its humor and characters. Thankfully Secret Agent Clank is set to deliver on that front as well. Ratchet has been thrown in prison for a heist he didn’t pull and now, in an over-the-top spy movie style, Clank has to sleuth out the real culprit before the inmates that Ratchet and Clank put away kill his partner.

When players controlled Clank in previous games, he was slow and only used for puzzles. In Secret Agent Clank however, Clank has a new move-set with stealth moves, more speed, more power and even his own fighting style — Clank-Fu. Clank has plenty of gadgets to back him up, like Cufflink Bombs and the Tie-arang, to go along with his Clank-Fu skills, and throughout the game he will also get to master snowboards, speed boats, and other vehicles to tail suspects and escape missions.

Even though this is his game, Clank won’t be alone — players will also control Ratchet as he fights in arena-style combat to survive prison, with weapons provided by Clank. For the first time in the series players will also get the chance to play as Captain Qwark as he retells Clank’s heroics, making himself the star of the story.

Secret Agent Clank has been developed by High Impact Games, the same company that created Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters, so expect the same quality. Gamers can get their handheld spy on June 17, 2008.