Square Enix wants a collaborative future

Square Enix Chief Executive Yoichi Wada believes his company needs to expand their support in order to compete with other game and entertainment companies from all over the world. He spoke about this at the Reuters Global Technology, Media and Telecoms Summit in Tokyo. According to Wada, “It may be a business alliance or it may be us taking a stake in others, but we need to go beyond traditional Square Enix. We face competition not only from the Japanese video game companies, but from game companies worldwide. We also see some new players from outside the video game industry coming in.”

As with any good executive, Wada says he is already in talks with some companies. We don’t know who those companies are, but a change is imminent. Wada is also willing to pay the big bucks for anyone who is interested. Without going too deep into the numbers game, Square Enix can issue up to $9.2 billion in shares without the green light from shareholders. They’re ready to do this in order to boost international sales up to 80% of the companies total revenue.

We saw huge success from Square Enix after Enix merged with SquareSoft in the earlier part of the century. After these business types are done crunching numbers, maybe they’ll pass the results on to us in the form of a simply amazing videogame.