HAZE off to a rather rocky start

It seems Free Radical’s long-awaited, oft-delayed, big PlayStation 3-exclusive is turning out to be just your average run-of-the-mill first-person shooter without much substance. The recently released single-player/cooperative demo was hinting at the averageness of the title but where once there was hope, now there seems to be none — the reviews for HAZE have started flowing in and phrases like “uneventful multiplayer modes,” “just another FPS,” “major disappointment” “extraordinarily mediocre” are being thrown around pretty frequently, which is a real shame. HAZE was supposed to be one of PS3’s big spring blockbusters but is instead going down the same road as many feel Lair and Heavenly Sword did last year.

With scores like 7/10 from GameDaily, 6/10 from GameSpot, 4.5/10 from IGN and 4/10 from G4 TV, the success of HAZE appears questionable at best. Which brings up the question; will Free Radical still be able to find a loyal fanbase who would pay for the downloadable content they’ve been working on for at least 5 months now which, by the way, “isn’t just useless sh*t like new skins” either?

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