Killzone 2 facts on a sheet

Much like the Resistance 2 rundown that was released, Sony has also declassified a list of all the Killzone 2 info that’s fit to print. The list mostly contains information that we already knew, or at least speculated would be true, but there are a couple of tasty tidbits buried within for Killzone fans to feast on.

As we already knew, the game will take place directly following the events of the original Killzone and the player is tasked with preventing the Helghast from gaining world domination. This time around, players will get a whole new group of weaponry as well as vehicles in which to complete this overall objective. Killzone 2 has been touted by Sony fans ever since its infamous video debut as the game that will truly set the PlayStation 3 apart from the rest of the crowd and give gamers something they’ve not yet experienced.

Truth be told, the game does look impressive from a visual standpoint, and it comes as no surprise that the majority of the information that has been released is a direct reference to the game’s graphics. Developer Guerrilla Games has alot riding on this title and they’re wasting no time dispensing superlatives regarding the game’s proprietary visual technology. Take terms like “deferred rendering”, “anti-aliasing”, and “unprecedented visual fidelity” and put them into a blender. Set the blender to liquefy and pour the resulting concoction into a glass. You now have a fairly accurate description of what Killzone 2 will look like on your screen, at least according to the developers.

Rest assured though, as Guerrilla is also quick to point out that this beauty has some brains, too. This time around, the Helghast will be able to think dynamically and find a way around the player’s defenses. The enemies will decide on the best course of action based how each individual plays the game.

Unfortunately, Killzone 2 was recently pushed back into February of 2009, making all the promises a bit harder to swallow than usual. Hopefully Guerrilla and Sony can pull this one off and produce an FPS that really lives up to the hype.

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