GRID demo reaches a million downloads

I seriously can’t say ‘one million’ out loud without at least thinking about putting my pinky finger to my lip and adding dollars to the end despite Dr. Evil’s cultural relevance being pretty much gone. Thus when I read the press release announcing that Race Driver: GRID‘s demo had been downloaded over one million times across the 360, PS3 and PC I couldn’t help but envision Dr. Evil racing in a beautifully rendered car, swerving around tracks around the world. Of course the two things have nothing to do with each other but now they’re forever tied together in my mind, and yours too. Try to not think about Dr. Evil when you go to download the demo, I dare you.

Why are you going to download the demo? Because if you live in Europe then there is a chance for you to win a BMW 3 Series. No, not in the game. An actual, physical, for real BMW 3 series. Codemasters, the game’s developer, is holding the European Fastest Final Lap Challenege in which the top five best times from the PS3 and 360 demo on the Jarama circuit will be chosen to compete. TheFastest Final Lap Challenege concludes this Friday, May 23 at midnight and the time to beat at the moment is an impressive 73 seconds. The top five ranked players will be invited to the live European playoffs, to be held on Friday, May 30 at the zavvi store in Oxford Street, London, and there they will compete head-to-head to win the car as part of the launch day celebrations.

Of course if you’re in the ol’ USA, the contest is a bit different. You’ll need to get the best time on the San Francisco course. Just like in Europe if your time is among the five fastest in the competition, you’ll win a trip but instead of London you’ll be going to San Francisco, California to attend the GRID Launch Party on June 4, and participate in The eBay Motors Muscle Series Time Trial to determine the winner of the eBay Motors liveried Ford Mustang GT-R. Not to shabby at all, though if anyone had a choice I think we’d all want the 3 Series over the Mustang.

For more details on the competitions, give the game’s official site a visit.

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