Dragon Quest IV, V, VI coming to the US and Europe

Gaze all ye upon the DS and know that it is home to awesome RPG remakes. Not only has the DS been home to some fantastic Final Fantasy revamps, with the FFIII and upcoming FFIV games, but it will now be home to the Zenithia Trilogy, a trio of games that are better known as Dragon Quest IV, V, VI. Looks like Squenix is being true to their word. However, roman numerals are so 20th centeruy and subtitles are so in right now. Thus these graphically revamped and touched up versions of the games will have modern new titles with catchy subtitles. IV will from now on be known as DQ: The Chapters of the Chosen, V as DQ: The Hand of the Heavenly Bride and VI shall bed dubbed DQ: Realms of Reverie. It’s all just so subtitle-tastic that I can barely contain my excitement.

I’m actually really anticipating these games as I loved the FFIII revamp on the DS and have never actually gotten around to playing DQ V or VI. European gamers should be even more ecstatic though since this is the first time ever that the games will be legally available in the area.

The trilogy, titled after a castle that plays a prominent part in the DQ games, will not only feature prettier graphics but newly recorded full orchestral music and more battles and characters to meet. Plus, the games will make use of the DS Wireless functionality allowing players to meet each other while playing the game. The first part of the trilogy, DQ: The Chapters of the Chosen, will be released some time in September.

You can check out what the game will look like with the ten screenshots we got our hands on. I’m a little disappointed they aren’t turning the whole thing 3D like they did with the FF games, I loved seeing all those classic monsters redesigned for the third dimension. But in fairness, the 2D sprite work looks gorgeous and there is a serious lack of 2D gaming in the world anyway.

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