Monkeys, maracas and suspenders: the first Samba de Amigo Wii trailer is here

If you’ve never played Samba de Amigo then you don’t know true rhythm game madness. The original Dreamcast game was about as much fun as you could have with a rhythm game before plastic guitars with colored buttons. The thing basically had maraca shaped Wii remotes before Wii remotes were even a twinkle in Nintendo’s eye. So I don’t think it was ever a big surprise when a Wii update of the game was announced. Great rhythm gaming without the need for a funny controller or extra accessory? Yes, please.

But that isn’t the important part of this post. The important part is watching the above video because not only will you get a look at the gameplay, which appears to be the same as the original but with updated songs, you also get to see a monkey with maracas. There are few things in life more awesome than monkeys doing human things and the people putting together the ad campaign for Samba de Amigo know this. They also know that Dads always wear suspenders and that board games are boring and the only way to have real fun, not to mention get rid of the pesky monochrome coloring of your house, is to play on the Wii. You’ll be able to revive color to your life and shake, shake, shake your booty with a Mexican monkey come Aug. 19. Also, Mexican Monkey needs to be an alcoholic drink.

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