Swag being offered for Fallout 3 pre-order

It seems nowadays every big game has some sort of pre-order promotion, Turok had a nifty stocking cap, Alone in the Dark and Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit have a T-shirt, and Metal Gear Solid 4 has a ‘making of’ DVD. So staying true to form, Fallout 3 has jumped on the pre-order swag bandwagon and offers those who pre-order the game at their local GameStop a selection of songs from the forthcoming soundtrack.

The track list includes The Ink Spots, Bob Crosby and Roy Brown, along with two original tracks. The CD comes in a cool rustic looking case and while I have not heard the songs, I can only imagine Bethesda has put a lot of effort into picking the music you’ll be listening to on your romp through the post apocalyptic streets of Fallout 3.

The game is scheduled for an October release on the 360, PS3, and PC, and it’s safe to say we’re dealing with one of the most anticipated titles of the year.

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