It’s official, id Software leaves the ESA

Last week LucasArts announced its departure from the Entertainment Software Association. Roughly two weeks before that, Vivendi and Activision handed in their resignations as well. As if things couldn’t possibly get worse, id Software now confirms they’ve left the ESA as well. id Software is responsible for such masterpieces as Doom, Quake, the upcoming Rage and, of course, Doom 4.

Just as he did after LucasArt’s announced departure, Rich Taylor, Senior Vice President of Communications and Research released the following statement: “We can confirm that id Software has decided not to renew its membership in the ESA. We admire their creativity and innovation. We also respect their decision.

“The ESA continues to lead the thriving video and computer game industry. We are dedicated to protecting intellectual property, preserving First Amendment rights and fostering a beneficial environment for the entire entertainment software industry.”

This now brings the total number of ESA members to 24. Things aren’t looking good right now for the ESA. We’ll keep you posted on any more departures that may come down the pipeline.