New Resident Evil 5 details come to life

Even though we probably won’t be able to shoot the zombified people in Resident Evil 5 until next March it seems, we can savor the the scraps of information that are just coming in about the game. For the first time in the Resident Evil series (no, Outbreak doesn’t count), two people can play cooperatively. So let’s say you’re cornered by a group a people wielding machetes; if you’re online, a buddy can jump in and save what’s left of your skin. No word yet as to if there will be split screen co-op or not or who the other playable character will be.

Also revealed is the return of the Mercenaries mini-game that was first playable in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, and again in Resident Evil 4. The concept may pretty much be the same as before– stay alive for a certain period of time and kill as many creatures as you can. New to the mini-game is the ability to take cover as well as dodging. Even though it’s a little obvious at this point, RE 5 will take place in an African country with no name. It is however located around Eritrea, Ethiopia, and Kenya. The rest of the details may be a little spoilerific so be warned before you read on.

This time around the virus will be spread by volcanic activity throughout the countryside. It’s supposedly a long dormant virus, so it’s unclear if Umbrella had anything to do with it. We’re also going to be seeing the return of classic characters including Albert Wesker and Sherry Birkin (daughter of the man who created the G-Virus), and we’ll be able to play through flashback scenarios that are said to fill us in on characters that we may not know too much about.

Hopefully these tidbits of info didn’t ruin your appetite too much, but all this really gives us is enough to really start getting excited over the game. More news will definitely come down the wire as we gear up for E3 in July, or perhaps even from Capcom’s PR event later this month.

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