Use your DS as a fancy colored cook book

On June 13, Europe will be getting three new DS Lite colors — Red, Turquoise and Green. DS fans that have been waiting to upgrade and new owners alike have good reason to celebrate. Should you want to host your own colorful party and aren’t sure what to serve then Nintendo has something else to get you all excited. On Jun 20, they will follow up with Cooking Guide: Can’t Decide What to Eat?

This new Touch! Generation title has everything a budding chef needs from start to finish — players can search from over 250 international dishes by country, ingredient, difficulty level, number of calories and more. Once the dish is chosen, a digital chef will guide you through each step and even uses videos to help you along the way.

For the true novice, Cooking Guide also has in depth illustrations and details on everything from chopping techniques to cooking terminology — “no query will be left unanswered.” Since your hands will be busy cooking, you’ll be able to use the DS microphone to let the little chef know you’re ready to move on to the next step.

The features don’t end there though. It can also help you create a shopping list so you’ll be ready with all the different types of ingredients you’ll be needing, and can also be used as a kitchen timer.

With everything this DS title can do I’d like to see it used on the TV show Top Chef. Of course, I’d also love to see this title hit the States, but so far Nintendo hasn’t said whether or not Cooking Guide will make the jump.