Capcom shares lifetime sales numbers

Numbers, who doesn’t love numbers? I love them, you love them, the count loves them and so does Capcom! As part of their recent fiscal report Capcom has released sales figures for all of its game franchises that have sold one million plus copies, along with individual sales figures for their top titles (all of which can be found here). With titles like Mega Man going all the way back to the NES, Capcom is one of the oldest developers, 22 years old to be exact, with few companies outside of Atari and Nintendo having sold more games than them.

Taking top honors on the sales chart is the Resident Evil franchise which has sold an astonishing 34.5 million copies, followed closely by Mega Man, and Street Fighter with 28 and 25 million copies respectively. Among the breakdown of top individual game sales, Street Fighter II for the SNES is number one with 6.3 million served.

In more recent years Capcom has continued to do very well with titles like Lost Plant, Dead Rising, and Devil May Cry 4 all selling a million plus copies.