Gears of War redux coming

Few games have as much hype as Gears of War 2, and in an effort to ramp the hype meter all the way to 10 Microsoft is releasing a “redux” of the original Gears of War. While what exactly the extra content that will be found in this new version is unknown, speculation points towards the DLC that is currently available, including six multiplayer maps and a new game mode. The price for this “enhanced” version will be $39.99USD, which is not a bad price at all for one of the biggest games of this console generation, especially when considering it will come with the extra content.

The way I see it, this redux will accomplish three things; it will give anyone who has not played Gears a compelling reason to do so, offer fans of the game a more definitive version to add to their collection all the while reminding everyone how great of a game Gears is, and finally, makes you all but foam at the mouth to get your hands on the sequel.

Gamestop shows that pre-orders of the item will start shipping on June 24, meaning there’s plenty of time to defeat General Raam on the Insane difficulty level before Gears 2 arrives in November.

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