Rumor mill: Michael Bay to bring Metroid to the big screen?

Could the Metroid movie be on a path to ressurection from development hell? A rumor has surfaced in an article on nintendofanalliance suggesting the film, which has been in and out of development since the turn of the century, could be back on on track with Michael Bay tipped to direct. However, the article doesn’t cite its sources so this one is still as up in the air as it could be.

Personally I hated Armageddon and Pearl Harbor, and wasn’t that taken by Transformers either, so the Bay half of this story isn’t as exciting to me as just the news that a Metroid film is still a real possiblity. Arguably the success of the Wii and the large amount of attention that’s on videogames at the moment (both good and bad) will make popular franchises like Metroid more commercialy viable as films. Out of the 50 million the Wii has in software sales, over 1 million of that is done by Metroid Prime 3. Whether that’s justification or reason in the eyes of a movie exec is a different matter altogether.