Atari wants you to play Alone in the Dark

Whether games are your addiction or pastime, Atari wants everyone to play and beat Alone in the Dark. One of the many questions surfacing from the pool is how is Atari going to pull this task off? Not only that, but how is the game going to stand up to the hype? With the game’s release almost upon us, how about we go over some of the information that’s available to us and see what to expect from what’s apparently one of Atari’s last single-player games?

Atari seems to really be focusing on finding that happy medium of difficulty for players of all levels, while still trying to keep it true to the original Alone in the Dark system.

Some examples: after finishing the opening sections of the game, players will be given access to chapter and scenes selections. If there’s a tricky part in the game you just can’t get past, simply go to your menu and skip to the next challenge. If you’re new to the series fear not, before each chapter there is a “previously on Alone in the Dark” recap trailer to get you nice and caught up. And if there’s a scene you find to be too cool just to watch once, you can replay it with no problem.

There have also been a few adjustments to how you’ll be able to use the different weapons you obtain in order for the gameplay to be easier to handle. For instance, the controls are mapped directly to the analog stick when you use a melee weapon. If you have a fire extinguisher and arc the analog stick from the bottom up, you’ll be able use it like a battering ram on a door. But don’t think you won’t have to work hard for what you want. In order to pay homage to the loyal fans of the series, Atari has made sure that in order to obtain achievements you must be able to play through a good portion of the game, especially if you want to see the final cinematic.

Fire is one of the many highlights of the game that seems to be getting better and better. Each and every surface of the game has bee given a flammability rating so the fire can go about and do its business in real-time. Wanna use a chair as a melee weapon? Why not set it on fire while you’re at it for that extra effect?

Which leads to what you can use as weapons in the game. Even the smallest, most dinky-looking item could be of great use. It’s all about using whatever is in your surroundings the best you can. And when you’re fighting against things wanting to kill you, I don’t think you’d be picky with what you use to kill them.

Alone in the Dark seems like one of those games no one can really wait for. Atari seems to have put a whole lot of effort into this one, and by the looks of it, it might just actually meet that happy medium of gamers.

Alone in the Dark will be released for the Xbox 360, PlayStation2, the Wii, and the PC this June, along with a Limited Edition. The PlayStation 3 version has been delayed to fall but will come with some extra goodies.

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