Will Wright talks science

Now games are teaching kids science! Spin that one conservative media! (Maybe they’ll go with “Videogames teach kids evils of evolution”?) Spore creator Will Wright has been talking about the influence of science in his upcoming and oh-so-highly anticipated universe-sim for a while now and while this new trailer above is nothing especially new, particularly to those who saw Wright’s hour-long keynote at GDC (a 35 minute edit of which can be found here), it has got me hoping for something a little deeper in this game. Even in the most open of games, I often find myself still be pulled around on a pair rails like in the old days of Time Crisis.

My biggest fear for Spore is that, even though on the superficial level I’ll be able to make my creature or civilization look how I like, each time I play through it will essentially be the same and will be based on similar social and environmental dynamics. What I want is to be able to really reach to the centre of what makes my universe tick and mess about with it, if I can do that then the superficial differences will seem utterly inconsequential.

On another note, I’m also turning into a big fan of the way Wright promotes his games. The laid back, demonstrative approach to trailers he uses is alot easier to get into and follow than the recent trend in the rest of the industry toward movie-esque promotions. Advertisers need to remember that games aren’t the same as movies and that condensing them into sixty seconds of flashing images, jump cuts, and deep grumbling, chainsmoking men announcing that it’s “Coming This Summer!!” may not be the best way to get people interested.

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