Review / The World Ends With You (DS)


This game is one of the most stylish games that you’ll ever play. Period. The story is very engaging and the combat is very satisfying. Although you will think Neku is a complete jerk and very hard to like at first, he even grows on you . There are a couple twist and double crosses that you may or may not see coming, but just leveling up pins and trying to get them to evolve is a pleasure in itself. In most RPGs leveling up gets stale after you hit your stride, and comes off as a chore. The World Ends With you manages to alleviate this by always giving you a reward of some sort, whether it’s evovling a pin, trying to get an enemy to drop a certain type of pin to help you advance, there is a lot to do. And then when you’re done with that, you can mingle with friends via the DS’ Wi-Fi and buy items and pins from them that you may not have.

CriWare and Square Enix manage to hit this one out of the park as The World Ends With You plays like a blockbuster AAA title without all the hype and hoopla. I could make a case for this being one of the best RPG’s on any system, right up there with the likes of Chrono Trigger, FF6, FF7, Xenogears, Wild Arms, etc. This game is that good and I’m sure it will amass a cult-like following all wanting a sequel or spin-off of some sort. Do yourself a favor and go to your local gaming store and fork over the cash for this game. If you like RPG’s or good games in general don’t think twice. BUY THIS GAME.


  • Very stylish
  • Dual battle duties on DS never felt so good or gratifying
  • Reading people’s minds

  • Hearing the pop song theme for a majority of the game will make you long for an option to turn it off
  • Pre-pubiscent gasping effects will make you cringe after awhile
  • Neku is a total emo jerk face and very hard to like