Star Soldier R: Shoot now, win prizes later

Attention shooter fans! Hudson Entertainment has just opened a tournament where you can win Wii Points just by playing the new Star Soldier R for WiiWare. For those unfamiliar, Star Soldier R is a “galactic shooter” where the goal is to finish one of the two game modes with the highest score. Leaderboards are in place to help players compete and see who ranks the best in their region, country or the world.

The ‘Star Soldier R “Shoot Now, Win Prizes Later” Tournament & Sweepstakes’ is already open, but will end 7 pm on June 24. That gives you just shy of a month to rack those scores up. Players will be competing in the “5-Minute Mode” where they have only – you guessed it – 5 minutes to blow their way through a level, defeat the final boss and rack up as many points as possible while at it.

Two rounds of tournament prizes will be awarded based on the players’ score. The top scores net 5 of Hudson’s Wii games as well as 16,000 Wii Points. The 10th place winners will receive 10,000 Wii Points each and the players in 16th place get 4,000 Wii points apiece. Also, there will be 10 players drawn at random for the sweepstakes and additional prizes.

This free contest is only open to players that are at least 14 years old and legal residents of the United States and the District of Columbia. Some states do not allow contests like this so check the rules when you sign up here. Good Luck!